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Companycheck.biz is the trademark of the company: 
Verona Rag. Alessandro
Via M. Cilestri 87
95129 Catania - Italy
Vat: IT03510760873

Client: The organisation, company or individual using Companycheck.biz services.

Working day / office hours : Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 GMT + 1, excluding official italian holidays.

Art.1- Objective of contract
The contract has as its object the retrieval, the purchase (if applicable) and the supply of companies documents, registration certificate, financial statements, company or director reports, certificates and similar information products on behalf of the Client.

Art.2- Execution and conclusion of contract. 
This contract will be considered final upon completion of subscription with the payment by client

Art. 3- Obligations of the Client – Confidentiality 
3.1 The information supplied may not be in any way made known neither to the individual or company in question no to third parties. By doing so, the client accepts that they will not publish, modify, resell or share this information with any other party.
3.2 The client is obliged to use the services in a lawful, correct manner, pertinent to his/her needs. The client must guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information supplied by Companycheck.biz

Art. 4 - Exclusion of Responsibility - Liability
4.1 Companycheck.biz does not guarantee the exactness of information products supplied. As decreed in Art. 1229 c.c. of the Italian law, we do not assume any responsibility for any damages caused to the dependent client, commercially or otherwise, without exclusion, by the information supplied by Companycheck.biz. In any case, the eventual responsibility of Companycheck.biz will be limited to the amount paid by the user for the services in question.
4.2 Companycheck.biz shall use its best endeavours to deliver the document purchased by the Cliente in accordance with its published delivery times which may be subject to variation from time to time. The days indicated for the execution of services are working days and represent only an estimation, not a precise period. Inability to respect these dates does not constitute non-fulfillment, and does not give the client the right to annulment or compensation of any kind.

Art. 5 - Copyright
The Client acknowledges that any and all of the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights subsisting in or used in connection with the Companycheck.biz Services including the manner in which it is presented or appears and all information, documentation and manuals relating thereto whether or not capable of registration are the property of Companycheck.biz.

Art 6 - Force majeure
Neither Party shall be under any liability to the other in respect of any failure to carry out or delay in carrying out its obligations attributable to any cause of whatever nature outside its reasonable control, including (without limitation) terrorism, war, riot, flood, Act of God, strike or other labour dispute (including those affecting government officials), change in the law, lack of electrical or other power, or failure, malfunction, or overload in telecommunications or computer facilities or the Internet.

Art. 7 - Information: Permission for the Treatment of Personal Information
The client confirms that he has read and approved the privacy policy of the company that can be viewed on the page https://www.companycheck.biz/en/privacy-policy/

Art. 8 – Exclusive Court
This contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Italy and the Client submits and consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Court of Catania in all matters regarding the contract.