How do I open an account?     If you intend to pay as you go, there is no need to open an account, you're login is created as part of the checkout process  for first order.
How do I update my account details?     Login using your email address and password on 'My Account'. You can then change any of your details.
Can I add other users to my existing account?     No
Do I need to register?     Yes, it is necessary only to bill. Please read our privacy policy for more information.
How i delete my account?     Send us an e-mail.
In what currency can make payments?     Only in Euro (€).
What are the payments ways available?     You can use Paypal. Paypal accepts the most common credit card as MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo, Visa and others. Of course you can pay with a paypal account.  If however, you are unable to pay by card or paypal account, you can pay by bank transfer. If you choose this option, you will receive an email with our bank details. Please note, reports and documents will be sent once payment has cleared.
How am I charged?     You are charged for the report/s and documents  you order according to the prices shown on the website for each product.  VAT at the rate of 22% is only added to any purchases if you are a Italian customer or an individual in the UE. It is not added to any purchases if you are an EU VAT registered company (you must input your Vat id during the checkout). VAT is not applied to purchases if you are registered in any non-EU country. 
How do I obtain invoices ?     The invoice is mailed to you after some days from your purchase.
How do I place an order?     Choose the country of your interest; Check which documents are available. Input identification data for the target company, add items to your basket by clicking the "Add to cart"; when you finish click Checkout, do login and make payment.
How do I receive the documents I ordered?     When your order is finished you will receive an email with the file document (usually a pdf file).
The documents are always up to date?     Absolutely. Our service does not provide that document is downloaded from the database. The data is collected again in relation to your order.

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