Company Formation

If you are interested for a company formation or acquiring a company --shelf company- in Europa, Asia and all off-shore countries  like Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Malta, Nevis, Panama, Seychelles, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Singapore and Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming (USA) and many others, we can effectively help you achieve your goal.

In fact we have collaboration agreements with specialized providers, which can also get you, in some countries, a bank account.
Company and bank account in the same jurisdiction is a great advantage.

What are the steps in formation of a company?

1) Fill the form
2) An affiliate partner will contact you as soon as possible and give you all the information to registering a business.
3) If you agree with all aspects of the service, you will soon have your company.